Opera Web PassWe were interested to see in the news yesterday that one of our partners in the Internet.org initiative, Facebook, shares our passion for bringing the next billion (and even next five billion) internet users online by deploying time- and content-based data packages. They’ve purchased a company who can help them offer consumers alternatives to the confusing data bundles that so often perplex and drive away potential mobile internet users. We look forward to the eventual launch of their products together.

Meanwhile, at Opera, we’ve been deploying Opera Web Pass in countries around the world since 2012. We’ve allowed millions of users to buy low-cost time and content-based data bundles such as “1 day of mobile data” and even “1 hour of Facebook” in countries on multiple continents. Opera Web Pass is currently live in partnership with mobile operators in Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ukraine and Belarus – with many more currently in deployment.

Opera has a deep and innovative history in working closely with over 130 operators around the world to help bring their customers online. Our advanced cloud-based compression technologies allow these operators to creatively and cost-effectively offer free or advertiser-sponsored data to their customers, with opportunities for upsell to small-increment paid data packages upon completion. Opera allows operators to flexibly create data packages that make sense in their markets, whether for free or paid Facebook, Twitter or any content- or time-based site or app that makes sense for their users.

We’ve even allowed them to partner with brand sponsors via our Sponsored Web Pass product, which lets those sponsors underwrite the cost of an otherwise paid data package and bring reluctant data consumers online for the first time. Opera has seen through nearly 2 years of experience that more than half of all Opera Web Pass users who buy a pass repeat this process every month, and have a history of success tailoring unique packages that make sense in local markets, while allowing operators to share in the revenue benefits of bringing new users online.

Our Internet.org partner Facebook is helping to validate the concepts we’ve been pioneering since 2012. We look forward to continued innovation with them and our other Internet.org partner companies to help bring the next billion users online.

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