Remember the disk defragmenter on your computer? It used to be something done regularly to optimize the performance of your hard drive. It was actually calming to watch the little colored boxes moving around on the screen and know that when it was done, your computer would react faster when opening a file.

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Opera TV is striving to do the same for the over-the-top content market. We want to help speed the launch of new content that is compatible with multiple devices and platforms. The new Opera TV Certification Program is leading the way to streamline time-to-market and reduce costs for app developers, device manufacturers and operators.

It’s no secret that the OTT market is fragmented, to put it politely. There are ever-increasing numbers of applications, content, platforms, interfaces and standards. Developers typically have to choose one platform, develop and launch their app, and then start the process over again for other platforms. That’s costly for developers. It’s frustrating for consumers, who want the same content available no matter what device they are using. And it is both costly and frustrating for device manufacturers, who must work with developers to certify and provide the content consumers desire. It takes longer for content to be available across platforms and devices, which means it costs more for everyone, and no one wins.

The Opera TV Certification Program is a step in the right direction. It is based on HTML5, the largest deployed platform today, and unites HTML5-based devices into one coherent ecosystem that is market-ready at the silicon level. That means app developers can create one app, test it and launch simultaneously on multiple platforms. It means device manufacturers can quickly test the app in their labs, certify it works and make it available to consumers in weeks instead of months.

We believe that bringing technologies together is better than keeping them siloed. We believe in making things easier rather than jumping through hoops. And we believe this program can make a positive impact on the OTT marketplace. We’re already working with a number of app developers and welcome more to join our certification program. Unlike other programs, there is no cost to certify apps already supported on the Opera TV platform. With over 1,000 OTT apps on the Opera TV platform, the program will see a number of certified apps and devices by the end of the year. I encourage you to learn more and join with us to defragment the OTT market.

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