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June 2013

Focus on Indonesia

In this State of the Mobile Web report, Indonesia is in focus for a closer look at trends and facts. Indonesia is the second-largest country in terms of Opera Mini users worldwide, and the behavior of Android users in Indonesia is interesting.

A large number of smartphone users use the Opera Mini mobile web browser regularity, with us observing a 182% growth of Opera Mini users on all smartphone platforms in Indonesia, from May 2012 to May 2013. Overall, the number of Opera Mini users in Indonesia increased by 46%, while the number of Opera Mini users on Android increased by 189% from May 2012 to May 2013.

Opera Mini leads the browser race

Despite the many choices available in the browser market, Opera Mini remains the Indonesians’ sweetheart. The reasons varied; among them was familiarity and faster service due to Opera’s well-known data compression feature. Data consumption experienced by Indonesian Opera Mini users on Android is 218% higher than data consumption of average Opera Mini users.

Samsung wins hearts, but local brands are catching up

Samsung is winning over Indonesians as the phone of choice, securing nine places in the list of top 10 Android phones in use in Indonesia. Smartfren, a local device brand, landed the 4th slot, with its best-selling Andromax.

Meanwhile, in the list of top-100 devices, another Indonesian brand, Cross, showed its consumer trust, coming in 3rd after Sony. Samsung is leading the market, securing 33% of the Opera Mini user base thanks to its affordable gadgets.

Price is apparently the key factor in choosing gadgets in Indonesia. The top-10 Android devices are all devices that cost less than Rp2.3 million (US$230).

Social media on top

As Indonesia is one of the most “social” nations in terms of online networking, it is safe to say that joining Facebook and Twitter are key drivers for Indonesians to go online. Of the total data consumption of Opera Mini users, 36% is represented by social-networking sites.

Facebook comes out on top as the number one social-media website. Approximately 68% of the total pages viewed by Indonesian Opera Mini users on Android are on Facebook. As for search, 94% of Opera Mini users put their trust in Google, using it frequently.

A gendered platform?

According to a survey by On Device Research conducted for Opera Software, most of Indonesia’s biggest Android fans are male, making up around 81% of the demographics. These men are between 25 and 34 years old and live in urban areas or big cities. The second-highest single segment is young people aged 18 to 24, making up 34% of the user base. Youth tends to grow the Android market.

Android’s sleek and fluid system, features and sophisticated design have not only managed to get people to buy the phones, but also to browse more. Android users running Opera Mini visit 83% more pages on the internet than average Opera Mini users.

The era of online shopping

Half of the top-100 domains visited by Opera Mini’s Android users are related to News & information, Social network & community, and Music & video. However, another draw for Indonesians to surf the internet is online shopping. Buying and selling goods online offers cheaper and hassle-free business. Online retailers Kaskus and are among the top-15 most visited websites.

Snapshot: Indonesia

Top 10 Android devices in Indonesia

  1. Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360)
  2. Samsung Galaxy Mini (GT-S5570)
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (GT-P3100)
  4. Smartfren Andromax (Android AD683G)
  5. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (GT-S6102)
  6. Samsung Galaxy Chat (GT-B5330)
  7. Samsung Galaxy Pocket (GT-S5300)
  8. Samsung Galaxy W (GT-I8150)
  9. Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830)
  10. Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 (GT-S6500D)

Top 10 domains visited
by Opera Mini users on Android


Global growth of Opera Mini and Opera for Android

In June 2013, the consumer base of the Opera Mini, Opera for Android and Opera Mobile Classic browsers had more than 251 million unique users. The Opera Mini servers (which do not process pages from Opera for Android and Opera Mobile Classic browsers) served more than 170 billion pages and compressed over 13 petabytes of data for Opera Mini users. In all 34% of the total users of Opera Mini, Opera for Android and Opera Mobile Classic are using smartphones to browse the web. Compared to June 2012, the total number of Opera Mini, Opera for Android and Opera Mobile Classic users grew more than 25%, year over year.

Number of mobile product users

In June 2013, there were over 251 million Opera Mini, Opera for Android and Opera Mobile Classic users. Out of this number, more than 20 million were Opera for Android and Opera Mobile Classic users globally, and the rest were Opera Mini users. Compared to June 2012, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile combined grew 25% year over year.

MonthOpera MiniTotal users
June 2013229,853,444251,373,469
May 2013230,144,423254,842,086
April 2013223,678,918246,553,336
March 2013225,458,860249,039,846
February 2013207,205,488228,460,086
January 2013215,229,494237,253,630
December 2012207,782,057229,231,788
November 2012195,466,306215,860,590
October 2012194,028,420215,404,124
September 2012187,528,635207,194,837
August 2012190,999,377209,908,472
July 2012187,147,324205,770,416
June 2012182,464,716200,350,248
May 2012178,525,801196,186,735
April 2012165,516,827189,631,504
March 2012168,844,460193,009,533
February 2012160,016,472183,714,665
January 2012159,033,038182,787,117
December 2011152,651,224175,940,168
November 2011144,601,830166,574,676
October 2011140,001,098161,863,689
September 2011131,319,238153,031,280
August 2011128,004,536149,726,810
July 2011121,789,463143,247,132

Opera Mini pages transcoded

Opera Mini users viewed over 170 billion pages in June 2013. Since June 2012, page views have increased by 48%.

MonthPage views
June 2013170,724,818,016
May 2013175,769,843,341
April 2013165,887,033,402
March 2013171,478,830,832
February 2013147,129,524,570
January 2013157,322,672,762
December 2012143,737,439,846
November 2012130,919,408,010
October 2012126,783,439,403
September 2012116,255,078,302
August 2012122,366,916,411
July 2012116,520,625,707
June 2012115,070,847,433
May 2012113,788,248,994
April 2012109,172,778,122
March 2012117,133,940,573
February 2012108,322,127,981
January 2012108,711,984,250
December 2011103,156,318,112
November 2011 88,516,536,629
October 2011 86,241,891,002
September 2011 79,164,254,190
August 2011 79,594,255,478
July 2011 74,078,891,600
June 2011 67,303,912,324

Opera Mini data consumed

In June 2013, Opera Mini users generated over 3.3 billion MB of data for operators worldwide. Data in the Opera Mini browser is compressed by up to 90%. If this data were uncompressed, Opera Mini users would have viewed over 13 petabytes of data in June. Since June 2012, data traffic has risen by more than 68%.

MonthData transfer (MB)
June 20133,399,337,615
May 20133,401,361,551
April 20133,158,054,518
March 20133,148,879,987
February 20132,710,611,823
January 20132,914,441,676
December 20122,776,891,471
November 20122,446,573,554
October 20122,406,128,070
September 20122,216,054,026
August 20122,215,469,446
July 20122,109,653,045
June 20122,015,528,597
May 20121,983,411,220
April 20121,906,598,921
March 20121,918,118,366
February 20121,916,961,696
January 20121,831,047,506
December 20111,663,600,099
November 20111,421,897,839
October 20111,360,336,480
September 20111,251,149,418
August 20111,232,303,979
July 20111,170,603,288
June 20111,068,360,258

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